Affiliate program
Get recurring 30% commission for subscriptions to our tools, forever!

How does it work

Get money while helping other businesses grow

1. Join the program

Registration is free and you will have access to promotional materials, complete statistics and management of your payments.

2. Promote

Offer your personalized link for them to register through it. They will remain 30 days so that you do not lose a single referral.

3. Earn money

For each new client that hires a payment subscription, you will get up to 30% on a recurring monthly basis. Forever.


How long does the affiliate cookie last?

Our program has an exclusive unprecedented invitation tracking system that allows auditing of the registered client without a time limit, so we can say that the cookie’s lifetime is unlimited.

Do I have to pass any filter in the registry?

All requests for access to the affiliate program are validated by our team. Our maxim is quality and personalized service and, therefore, we want to get to know you and provide the greatest value for you and your clients.

When will I receive the payments?

Payments to affiliates are issued every month, within the first 5 business days, as long as a minimum of € 20 is reached, through PayPal or bank transfer.

Do I have promotional tools?

We put at your disposal different promotion and dissemination tools for the different products that you can recommend to your clients.

Can I offer the products without having tried them?

Before offering the products you should try them with one of your clients or, at least, know them in detail. To do this, one of our personal consultants will contact you.

Join the program

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It has been a great discovery


automaFIT gathers the daily management tools that I need, I have access to recruitment and lead management, which has allowed me to carry out very successful segmented strategies. It has been a great discovery that has allowed me to automate my business to a level that I could not imagine.

Kike Garcia, automaFIT affiliate

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