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You are a professional in the world of sports and fitness, an athlete or an expert in any sport.

Health and wellness

You are a professional of the physical and / or mental well-being of the person.


You are a nutrition and personal nutrition professional.

Agencies and Consultants

You are a consultant or agency that takes care of the marketing or digital business of fitness, health and / or nutrition professionals


Start now and you will have The range of benefits are varied, earn commissions that can reach up to 20%. You will benefit from exclusive and increasing promotions.

  • 5 € Immediately for each registration to the Free plan
  • 10% Immediately for each registration to the Professional plan
  • 20% Immediately for each registration on the Business plan

Domande Frequenti

What is automaFIT?

automaFIT is an online platform that allows anyone to manage the digital marketing of their online business. Create online forms or sell products quickly, create email campaigns and collect customer data.

What is the automaFIT affiliate program?

As a member of the automaFIT affiliate program, you earn € 5 for each automaFIT FREE subscription. This means that when your referral buys a Free membership you will receive an affiliate commission for it.

Do I need to be an automaFIT client?

It is required to be an automaFIT customer to be part of our exclusive affiliate program. Discover the best online platform to digitize and automate the business of fitness, wellness and health professionals.

How do I promote automaFIT?

In your affiliate profile on “My Affiliate Link”, you will find your unique link to promote automaFIT. You can share the promotion in blog posts, via email, post videos or promote automaFIT through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have affiliates all over the world and most of them sell our services around the world.

What is an affiliate link?

A referral link is a link that leads to any page on the Semrush website and contains your unique affiliate REF ID within it. You will find your personal reference number (REF ID) in the upper right corner of your affiliate profile. Without your REF ID within your affiliate links, no results of your promotional activities can be tracked.

Where can I place the affiliate link?

Your referral (affiliate) links are placed in the Promotional Materials section of your affiliate profile. All promotional materials are divided into different sections (links, banners, ebooks, widgets, offers and campaigns) and already contain your unique REF ID. So, all you have to do is choose the promotion and simply copy the code.

I am a consultant or an agency, are there any particularities for me?

If you are a third party consultant or agency and would like to refer your clients, we have a special affiliate business for you. Send us a request via the Support widget in the lower left corner of your automaFIT dashboard and ask for more details about our referral program for agencies and consultants.

How and when do i get paid?

We offer one payment methods: Stripe.

It’s easy to keep track of all commission payment information in the Payments section of your affiliate profile.

Commission payments are made when you reach a minimum threshold of € 200 for Stripe. If you have not yet reached the threshold, the amount accumulates on your balance and will be carried over to the next payment period.

Payments through Stripe are made automatically on the 1st day of each month when your account balance reaches € 200 or more for previous months’ transactions.

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