Beginner’s Guide How to Promote your business online abio

Beginner’s Guide: How to Promote your Business Online

Apr 7, 2021 | Academy

Strategies to use right away to grow online

Embrace social media

Social media are increasingly present in our daily lives, using them for the promotion of our business allows us to make our business known to a very large number of users. However, the competition is increasingly high, therefore a creative and personal approach will be essential. The quality of the content that we want to share with our possible follwers is very important. Depending on the different social network very often the audience changes, as well as the tool. More and more the public is moving from one social network to another.

Linkedin from social networks for professionals only with the aim of looking for and / or offering work to a much wider audience. Facebook also, from what was a social network for young people only, has gone on to connect billions of people. The quality of the content is therefore important, that the message we want to share is clear, simple to understand and also original.

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Videos explain better than text

If you’re looking for ways to raise awareness of the products and services your small business is selling, YouTube is a marketing tool you shouldn’t ignore. Its large audience, over a billion. Whether it’s YouTube or another of the myriad of online video platforms (Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, TikTok) the important thing is the quality of the content. Make sure you easily explain the features of your products, show your customers how they could access your service or how you can solve their needs. Videos help increase customer engagement, increase time spent on your page, and help sell more.

Usually the videos created on these platforms are accessible through the websites of the platforms but also through the incorporation of the videos through their link on other pages.

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Here are some tips for your videos:

Show off your product. Convey the quality of your product and its uniqueness, explain well what you sell and what are the advantages of buying your product. Highlight the quality. If it is a physical asset, the quality of construction and the materials used are important, if it is a digital asset, explain how much time and dedication you have invested in your product.

Explain. Videos help you teach whatever you want, teach what you are proficient in. Your viewers will be sure of the quality of your products. Before selling your products, sell yourself and your brand. Upload videos regularly. Remember that an audience must be created, it is not enough to become an expert in something in a few days. Consistency will pay off.

Customize. Make your content, share respecting your style or that of your brand. Give it a different touch from other products. Do it in an original way, today you have a myriad of tools and ideas on the web to create original videos from your home and with a simple mobile phone.

Testimonials. Bring the words of your customers who were happy with your product to life. Share testimonials and real experiences, why did they choose you? Invest time in serving your customers in the best possible way, it is an investment that will pay off over time.

Starting a blog

Is it possible that even today having a blog is important? Yes, while sharing our viral content on social media can be a marketing strategy to create our audience and grow our brand, the blog helps us monetize our work on social networks. While on the various social networks we have to respect certain rules, and we are bound to algorithms that can change from day to day, making all our work on likes and comments almost useless.

Having our own blog will allow us to be free to share what we want in the form we want. It will always be accessible to anyone. Creating a blog is simple, the difficult thing is to take care of it. It is not enough to create articles sporadically, maintaining a functional blog is a real job. Focus on the solutions you want to share with your reader. Who do you turn to? Study what your client should be. What could your client find useful on your blog? What information can you share with him and make his life easier?

Once you understand all this, start with creating an editorial plan, work on the articles, create them carefully and share them. It will take some time, but it is a job that will greatly help your online business.

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Create a community

Selling products on the internet is no longer enough, ‘if you really want to be successful you need to create a real audience that loves our product and our brand. Communities differ in:

  1. Uniting people with a common interest;
  2. Promote relationships between these people;
  3. Participation in member activities.

Understanding the needs of consumers is a necessity for you, you understand what can be the easiest way to communicate with your customers. We need patience, perseverance, professionalism and an editorial plan designed to place at the centre of the group we want to create, a shared and common element capable of uniting and binding users while not knowing each other, if not virtually.

Thus, the relationship between the brand and the user will go beyond the simple use of a product but will make the customer feel part of a family. Remember, however, that the communication style on the various channels must be relevant and respect the identity of your brand. Here are some suggestions:

Give your customers a voice, listen to their criticisms and improve along with their suggestions. Use creativity, to engage your fans or customers to the maximum.

Written by Giuseppe Schillaci