7 features you can add in your abio

Oct 7, 2020 | Case Study

Are you a looking for a page that brings together all the important information about your company? abio is here for you!
It’s a digital smart profile where you could collect and show to users all they have to know about your activity. In addition, it’s fully mobile-responsive. Let’s discover all the functionalities you can use in abio.

1. Your bio

Here you can introduce yourself, talk about your company and your activities.
All the information that you want in this smart bio with a photo.

2. Your form

Through this simple form you can communicate with your customers.
You can show some special offers about lessons or products, allow to join in your Facebook or Whatsapp group or create newsletters.
Everything is created with aforms.

3. Your shop

If you have an e-commerce, this is the perfect section for you. In a single carousel you can gather all your products.
In a card there is the price, the discount (if possible), availability.
By pressing the button, the user connects quickly to your online store and can buy what are you selling.

4. Your photos

With this feature, you can create your own gallery. Choose your favourite photos from Instagram and social page and assemble them in this layout.
Let them see all your potential to your customers!

5. Your videos

A YouTube channel is essential if you want to gain new customers.
In this section you can add your videos, tutorials, webinars and many more to exhibit to the user who are you and what are you offering.

6. Your podcast

Podcasts allow you to talk about the topics you love to an ever wider audience, increasing your visibility.
Sharing them on your page will give you the opportunity to make your voice heard even more.

7. Your reviews

What the customer thinks is the most important thing for your business. Show feebacks can attract new clients, creating a sense of trust for your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try abio!

Written by Rossella Guarino