9 Sites with Gorgeous Free Images

Oct 13, 2020 | Case Study

Are you looking for images suitable for your website, e-commerce, social network? Do you keep coming across trivial stock photos?
Well, we have the good news: there is a huge variety of beautiful free and paid images for commercial use available online.

Here is a list of sites with free images to make your page look wonderful!

1. Unsplash

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

The great thing about Unsplash is that it collects stunning high resolution stock photos for all needs. In all, that’s over 300,000 royalty free stock photos for commercial use. And thousands of new images are added to the site every day. In short, it is the perfect source to draw for those looking for free images.

2. Freepik

Photo by freepik on freepik

Freepik is a database of images that can be used by indicating credits. It is a very large library of vector, raster, photo and much more content.
Furthermore, one thing to note is that paid images provided by Shutterstock are also available in searches, useful for giving valuable suggestions during the research phase.

3. Gratisography

Photo by Ryan McGuire on Gratisography

Every week, new free images are uploaded to Gratisography: high resolution, original, funny and high quality photos for everybody.
In short, these are ideal photos for those looking for free images for commercial use and want to highlight their site.

4. Pixabay

Photo by scottwebb on Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best sites for downloading quality free images. You can choose from photos, vector images, illustrations and videos.
After choosing an image, you can download it for free. In the column on the right usually appears the words “CC0 Creative Commons” which indicates that the images are free for commercial use and without the need for attribution.

5. Pexels

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels

An excellent site where you can find free high-resolution images is Pexels. A simple to navigate and very intuitive site
There is a wide choice: you will certainly find free photos that are right for you and your project.
Check the license to make sure they are suitable for commercial, personal use and without the author’s citation obligation.

6. Stockvault

Photo by Unsplash on Stockvault

Similar to Pixabay, Stockvault also offers many inspirations in terms of images and the best thing is the organization.
The site has a remarkable ease of navigation and exploration of the various categories and also, in the blog section, there are collections of free photos according to different themes: excellent for looking for inspiration.

7. Picography

Photo by burst on Picography

Probably one of the best sources of stunning free high-resolution images, Picography contains hundreds of lifestyle photographs available for commercial use.
Cities, culture, tourism, people, landscapes, streets: here you will find free images of different types to download.

8. Reshot

Photo by I.C. on Reshot

Reshot is a site that collects free images and photos to download and use for commercial or non-commercial use.
The images to choose from are numerous and the advantage of this selection is that there is a lot of choice and you can easily find particular photographs.
It is certainly a good place to look for some photos that are out of the crowd and with original features.

9. StockSnap

Photo by 

On StockSnap you can find free images of all kinds, the quality is very high and the variety that can be found is remarkable.
Here the licenses are also free for commercial use, so you can freely use these photos on your site. An excellent resource to keep in mind when creating new online content.

Now you can add wonderful photos to your site and social medias.
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Written by Rossella Guarino