abio, why use it in your business?

Oct 5, 2020 | Case Study

Landing page is a simple web page in order to promote a specific action from the user, as the purchase of a service, the subscription to a newsletter, the request for contact. Its goal is to help the user solve a specific problem in the simplest and fastest way.

«The Rules of Web Awareness If the visitor can’t find something easily, it does not exist. If you emphasize too many items, all of them lose importance. Any delay increases frustration.»
― Tim Ash, Landing Page Optimization

How to make your landing page effective?


1. Make it simple!

A good landing page show your offers and your product in the clearest way possible. So you can provide the best answer to user’s needs, creating a relationship of trust with him. Besides that, it’s important to keep the text concise and easy and have a big and evident button for the Call to Action to attract your client.


2. Have a nice form

Form is the most important part of your page. It allows your user to make an action and create a relationship with the company. It should not be dispersed and does not contain too many items: it’s fundamental to ask only essential informations.


3. Offer something

In exchange for the information you have to offer something, and therefore a really advantageous offer, like an attractive discount or free shipping costs. What you offer must be of value and must never disappoint those who confidently give you their information.


4. Sharing is caring!

To reach an even wider audience than you set out, you can add the ability to share the link to the landing page on social pages. In this way, you can encourage website visitors to share your content with their social users and friends.


As we see, a perfect landing page can help your business to grow and to reach a lot of users in the easiest way possible. So, why don’t you try our abio, a digital intelligent profile, mobile responsive, that can attract new clients to your company.

Written by Rossella Guarino