The importance of the first few seconds on a page

Oct 8, 2020 | Case Study

There are numbers that you should always take into consideration, to understand if your site is performing. One of these is undoubtedly the time spent on it.
If it is high, it means that users find contents interesting. In addition, there will be more chance they will visit other pages and convert: by subscribing to the newsletter or by purchasing some products.

But the most important time for users’ decision is in the first five seconds. Actually, how we decide if we like someone or not in few moments, in the same way we have a sudden impression of the webpage.
The user in the first few seconds when browsing a site decides whether or not to continue navigation. Moreover, the more he stays, the more unlikely he will leave the page.

On a website, the factors that influence a user’s initial approval rating in a decisive way are three:

  • technical and performance
  • graphic and emotional
  • persuasion
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1. Technical and perfomance factors

The loading speed of the site is the first factor that comes into play. The maximum recommended time for loading above-the-fold content is 5-6 seconds.
Besides that, it is essential that the website is correctly visible on all devices: notebooks, PCs, tablets, smartphones.
In recent times, the factor linked to online security has become increasingly important. Google itself prefers (and indexes better) websites that have SSL certificates with navigation in the https:/ protocol.

2. Graphic and emotional factors

It is important to show users a pleasant and easily navigable graphic layout, improving the User Experience and the usability of the site
The use of quality images is essential: it affects the user’s understanding of the page. Making good use of it is the rule for any type of website, from e-commerce to simple landing page.

3. Persuasion factor

The advice is to take advantage of that fundamental space at the top of the page to communicate with the user by intercepting his problem and his desire to propose our offer.
Furthermore, it is important to instill in our visitors a feeling of trust. The presence of feedback from other customers who have purchased the company’s products or services and the inclusion of works performed or case histories will be very useful for this purpose.

As we see, the first impression from your site can help your business to grow and to reach a lot of users in the easiest way possible. So, why don’t you try our abio, a digital intelligent profile, mobile responsive, that can attract new clients to your company?
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Written by Rossella Guarino