What you need to know about AI Marketing?

Sep 17, 2020 | Case Study

«A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.»
Alan Turing Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950)

Artificial Intelligence is a system endowed with capabilities typical of the human being — interaction with the environment, learning and adaptation, reasoning and planning  able to autonomously pursue a defined purpose by making decisions that, up to that moment, were usually a given to human beings. Artificial Intelligence shows in marketing all its potential and effectiveness.

The real-time analisys of a large amount of data is essential to understand the market, client needs and expectations, allowing to improve customer care, user experience, assistance and support services.

The marketing industry has a lot to gain by implementing intelligent algorithms, using the latest technological trends: here the most popular applications of AI:


Virtual assistant and Chatbot

It is software capable of performing actions based on commands or requests received through an interaction in natural language (written or spoken). The most advanced systems are able to understand the tone and context of the dialogue, memorize and reuse the information collected and demonstrate resourcefulness during the conversation. These systems are increasingly used as the first level of contact with the customer in for assistance.


Recommendation system

Solutions aimed at addressing the preferences and interests of the user, based on information provided indirectly or directly. Basically, they are personalized recommendations on tastes, for example based on previous purchases, which can be placed at different points of the customer journey or, more generally, of the decision-making process.
The main benefits are the increase in the conversion rate of consumers (63%), but also the best experiences for consumers (61%). For example, online music platforms like Spotify or Pandora are already using machine learning to suggest new songs for consumers based on what they’ve heard in the past.


Content creation

Currently, artificial intelligence can be used successfully in the creation of financial reports, descriptions for different places and products. An essential thing is that these algorithms have been programmed to create content just like a person and it’s very difficult to find the differences. Additionally, similar algorithms are also used to create post suggestions for social media platforms.


DEM campaign

Email marketing campaigns are a very effective type of promotion and there are some applications that use artificial intelligence for this purpose. A study carried out by a company that offers marketing services (Demand Metric) pointed out that 80% of marketers use personalized content because their efficiency is higher than standard messages. Thus, in the case of a list of subscribers, the algorithms are able to monitor the interactions of each user to understand their online behavior.


In conclusion, we still don’t know how AI will change the world and our lives, but we surely know these systems are simply enhancing classic targeting and personalization processes. The future is now!

Written by Rossella Guarino