What are the most important marketing tools for small businesses?

Sep 16, 2020 | News

One of the main marketing strategies suitable for a small business is certainly online communication. To launch into this field, there is first of all the need for a website created from an SEO perspective. This means that it must not be exclusively a mere showcase of its products and / or services, but above all a dynamic portal that allows interaction with its customers and is easily traceable by search engines, a true gateway to the web by of an ever-increasing number of users.

What is very important in a winning strategy is to define what the SEO of your content is. See here what a SEO is !

The Website and Social Networks

Online communication and the creation of a website are not expensive tools in themselves, but they must be well structured to be effective. Another low-cost but high-impact tool is social media marketing, ie the use of social networks to increase one’s visibility and notoriety. Also in this case it is a tool that can give great satisfaction if used in the right way and if above all time and energy is invested in it. In particular, it is thanks to social media marketing that word of mouth is developed, considered by 62% of entrepreneurs to be the best way to increase branding and sales. In this case, the advice is to identify the most suitable social network for your company and most frequented by your target audience. Once this is done, it will be necessary to feed your profiles in a strategic way, producing interesting and interactive contents, so as to encourage the community to share them and to take your social network as the main point of reference in the sector.

Email Marketing

Another very important tool is email marketing. Obviously, the days in which the email was sent in spam mode to endless – and uncontrolled – lists of addresses with the sole result of being ignored or even annoying those who received them are over. Today email marketing is a sophisticated communication and promotion tool that is built with the intention of intriguing, informing and pushing the customer to action. The lists have also changed a lot, favoring a more limited number of contacts but all potentially interested in receiving mail and commercial information from the company. The result? A much more interesting ROI index, the true purpose of email marketing and all other forms of promotion.

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Customer care

Finally, customer care must not be neglected among the strategies to be adopted. Pampering the customer, anticipating their needs, informing them and updating them according to the methods they prefer, but also following them in the post-sales phase are now the true business philosophy of marketing-oriented companies, which are also those that manage to sell more and better. It is worth trying, identifying a figure dedicated to this activity within your organization or, better yet, contacting specialized experts who will be able to create a personalized marketing strategy for you.

Written by Aida Martinez