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Abio the best Linktree alternative. Much more than a multilink.

Mar 2, 2021 | Products

Why abio is the best alternative to Linktree

What does Link mean in the bio?

People use the phrase “see Link in Bio” when they want their followers to see the links they share. In many cases, they want to take advantage of the only place available (Read here: How to install abio in your instagram bio ) to include more links on Instagram.

The strategy is to provide a menu of options to the user when they click on your bio link. Of course everyone does it in their own style. Very often people pushed by advice on other blogs to register on linktree and create their own multilink to share in their bio. In our opinion, this procedure leads to very little results.


Maybe Linktree doesn’t have all the features you’re looking for.

In this case, do not fear, because we have created the perfect alternative abio.

Abio or Linktree? Both allow you to share your favorite links but abio does so much more. Your information will be easier to find abio by automaFIT allows you to share your information. Photos, products for sale, links, your videos on youtube, your customers’ reviews with your followers all in one page all in a single link. Followers will immediately see the information they are looking for or can go directly to the product or content linked to it without any confusion.

Control of everything by automaFIT

automaFIT is the all-in-one marketing suite helps you get results and digitalize your business: drive traffic, start selling online without having to create a complex and very expensive ecommerce and thus being able to build your brand.

By using Linktree you will necessarily have to use other software to manage your digital marketing. With abio you can simply use automaFIT.  if you want to turn your followers into leads and paying customers, you will need a way to lead them where the purchase and / or booking takes place or your website! This is an opportunity to transport followers from your social network exactly where they need to be on your site.

Now, it is true that you could directly add the link to your homepage but people are quite conditioned to expect instant gratification, so it is more likely that it takes exactly 0.02 seconds to figure out whether to continue or to give up and scroll back without thinking. their feed. Read here The importance of the first few seconds on a page 

More customizable

You would like to change colors, insert images or icons and create the right atmosphere to share the best of your brand to your followers (and let’s be honest, rather limited like Linktree). Use different styles, fonts and colors. If you want to use your creativity add some fantastic covers designed in canva (see the guide on how to use canva in abio) or type of content (eg subscriptions to newsletters and videos) that Linktree unfortunately does not have for its customers.

Is better for your seo

There are many things it takes to get to number 1 in a Google search, but two are important deciding factors:

1. Clicks, which unfortunately for Linktree users will go to Linktree itself and will bring greater prestige and positioning to her and not to you. We allow you to create your website and your multink with the same software, (I’ll tell you a secret, currently no software on the market allows you to do both in a simple and almost immediate way).

2. Time, spent on the page: By hosting your link in your bio with abio you are improving your brand reputation with more page visits and more total time spent browsing!

When I see profiles that still use LinkTree in their Instagram bio

It helps you sell more

Sell your products with aproducts and see how many sales come from your abio that you shared in instagram. You can attribute specific sales and learn more about what people like, your followers. With Linktree you cannot sell your products but only attach links to your ecommerce site.

Advantages of abio:

  • Unlimited links as you want.
  • You can add a contact form
  • The links are customizable cards and not just static links
  • Insert a showcase of products
  • Post reviews
  • Youtube Videos
  • Add all your social links

And much more read here: 7 Features you can add in your abio

Features Abio Linktree
Social icons Yes Only for Pro Users
Your Videos Yes No
Insert the articles of your Blog Yes No
Image gallery Yes No
Showcase products and services Yes No
Contact form Yes No
Customizable Background Yes Solo Pro
Reviews from your customers Yes No
Countdown Yes No
Images with CANVA Yes No
Analysis and statistics Yes Solo Pro

Written by Giuseppe Schillaci