Apr 30, 2020 | Products

How many tools do you use to promote your services? Have you managed to link them together to have a good follow-up? Do you know how to measure and read the data to improve your actions? Do these tools help you close clients?

Currently, there are multiple tools that help us attract potential clients, but the reality is that many of them are underused, sometimes due to the impossibility of analyzing or crossing the data between them, other times because nobody has told us how to do it.


It is a suite of marketing tools for fitness, health and sports professionals

that allows to automate -and optimize- the entire process of attracting customers, from the moment someone knows us (on Instagram, in an article or on our website) until they become a customer.


Forms play a really important role in the process of attracting new customers and, when used in the right way, can provide great results.

Los formularios juegan un papel realmente importante en el proceso de captación de nuevos clientes y, utilizándolos de la forma adecuada, pueden proporcionar grandes resultados.

Forms play a really important role in the process of attracting new customers and, when used in the right way, can provide great results.

These are also forms, smart forms, that meet the needs of physical activity and health professionals and that the aforms tool, included in the automaFIT suite offers.

“I’m Jorge, manager of my gym, so I trust the due dates every day for my work. Instead of … setting up 100 forms in automaFIT, this solves my problem and keeps everything clean, concise, and on one dashboard. Custom forms have been the biggest automaFIT update for me. Thanks for finally making this happen!”

Jorge García, Clum Manager.

Plantillas predefinidas

aforms offers a number of pre-defined form templates to make getting leads data really quick and easy. Just by selecting the template and personalizing the field texts, you will have a smart form.

Include your forms anywhere

On your website, on the Facebook wall, in the Instagram bio … aforms allows you to use their smart forms anywhere, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

Centralized customers management

Best of all, despite the incredible functionality that aforms offers to generate smart forms, all the data that is collected, along with the actions that users perform, is collected in a centralized system, common to the entire suite, that allows you to know all the history and analytical data of each of your users in order to lead you more easily to our objective, which is none other than hiring our services or purchasing our products.

We are delighted that you want to try our suite and, to continue with our philosophy of making the difficult easy, you will be able to use most of the tools for free and, to test the premium features, we offer you 14 days for free. You can create a form or 100. Register now!

Written by Giuseppe Schillaci