Manage your business
online from a single tool

The exclusive all-in-one platform
for fitness, wellness and sports professionals

All in the same place

Manage and configure in the simplest way

Without code

Intuitive and easy for everyone, no technical knowledge

Automated process

Automation tools you need preconfigured


Represented in a simple, visual and understandable way


Protected and secure data that complies with regulations

Higher conversion

Unify all your marketing and recruitment actions

Earn more

Generate more income on autopilot


From anywhere

Control your business from our online dashboard

Surveys, products, services, contact forms, newsletters, webinar subscriptions, customer feedback, and hundreds of other ready-to-use templates. The goal is always the same: get new contacts to turn them into customers.

  • RCreate and manage smart forms
  • RSell your products and services
  • RManage your website and online presence
  • RCreate engagement and conversion campaigns

On any device

Always with you

The world doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office. Your business information is always with you, updated in real time.


Centralize your data

Clear and simple information

In a single panel that you muestra y explica todos los indicadores de tu negocio in a web page of fácil lit y muy visual, with recomendaciones de las acciones que debes realizar y el camino a Seguir para hacer crecer tu negocio

  • RData with real-time metrics
  • RDirect sending of notifications to your customers
  • RRespecting the privacy of your customers

Start growing today with automaFIT

Our tools help you to automate all your business processes, allow you to grow and earn more.

Managing your online fitness business has never been easier.

I can finally know the real data of how my business is doing and make better decisions

Jorge Marquez

Personal Trainer

With automaFIT I manage the marketing of my physiotherapist studio.

Josè Garcia


I can sell my courses and training plans anywhere.

Kike Garcia

Personal Trainer, Body Hacker

I sell my training plans and the products that I have created with my brand

Kate Horney

Personal Trainer