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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is automaFIT?

automaFIT is an online platform that enables anyone to create online forms or product pages quickly, intuitively, and to brand them as they like, all without writing code. Whether you’re involved with organising events, sporting groups, marketing agencies, tech startups, or any other project, aforms is a beautiful and robust solution. Quickly and simply create customisable forms and pages that take payments, and are easy for your customers and communities to complete on mobile or desktop.

What browsers and devices are supported by automafit?

automafit can be viewed and completed using the following platforms / browsers: Windows and Mac computers with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers.Tablets: iPads running iOS 10+ and Android tablets running 4.4+.Smartphones: iPhones running iOS 10+, Android smartphones running 4.4+, Opera Mini (latest version) and IE Mobile (latest version).We usually support at least two previous versions of all popular browsers and platforms. On unsupported versions or devices, people trying to access your aform will see a message apologizing and pointing them to a page where they can update their browser.

Does automafit support multiple languages?

Yes. We support any language for the form content, subject to its availability in your chosen font. You can change any component of the messaging and buttons to whatever you like.

What is HTML and CSS?

We support adding custom HTML and CSS . HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard language for creating web pages. The ability to add custom HTML makes it simple to embed third party services, create sections with more complex structures (e.g. tables, code blocks, etc).


How to change your trial plan?

Want to try out a different trial to the one you’re on? If you would like to change your trial plan to switch to Essentials, Pro, or Agency, you can contact thing at support@automafit.com

Changing your plan or billing intervals

You can change your plan (upgrade or downgrade, or switch to monthly or yearly payments) at any time by going to https://web.automafit.com/

Simply choose your plan, and select “Change Plan”.

Cancelling or Suspending your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to by going to https://web.automafit.com/account/billing, and clicking the “Cancel account” button, then following the prompts.

Deleting account

You can request for your account to be deleted using the GDPR request form on https://web.automafit.com/account/gdpr-request.

Security and Gdpr

Is automafit secure? Is it safe for my customers?

Your data is secure with aforms. Form submissions are secured using TLS 1.2 SSL from the submitters browser through to the database, and forms and submissions are Encrypted at Rest. You also have the ability to turn off storage on forms if you need data to only be stored in your own systems.

Is automafit GDPR Compliant?

Yes. We require all users, whether in the EU or not, to agree to GDPR terms built into our T&Cs and PP. This also keeps our DPA addendum super short and sweet, and means there are no extra documents to deal with if you’re based in the EU.



Do you have an affiliate program?

We do!  See the terms and sign up here.